Anant Cloud Platform

This cloud computing platform allows developers to create vernacular apps and at the same time these apps can be accessed from any Mobile/PC/Tablet . The same application will run on every device running on any OS ( Be it Android/ /OS /Linux /Windows /Symbian/ J2ME/ Blackberry ... ) . Now everyone can be part of the digital revolution!!!

Digital Divide Vernacular Ecosystem

Think Beyond English Customer

India’s mobile population is approximate 867 Million while English speaking population of India is approx. 200 Million. Hence there are more than 600 million non-English users are using mobile phone and majority of them are using only for voice call. These 600 million people want applications in their own language.


Adaptation of this technology in languages Independent Scenario

In current scenario, OOH of the world are not offering a real time interaction with the customer and merchants. Anant Computing platform has capabilities to make this happen. To know more about the same please contact us.


Convert your Mobile into a mini computer in your language

Now you can carry a small device(or computer) in your pocket. This device can be connected to the TV at your home and Mobile will act input device .To know more, please contact us. To know more ,please contact us .


My Computer in My language

Now non-English user can have computer/tablet completely in their language . User who doesn't know IOTA of English can now use computer . To know more ,please contact us .