Anant Computing is the first mobile technology platform that is 100% Made In India, to power the next generation of native mobile applications. Team Anant is inspired by the vision of a digitally inclusive India. 

We empower companies and developers to overcome the barriers in traditional app development process. Our technology will transform the way that app development works today.

  • In a growing vernacular market, Anant Computing allows you to offer apps in every major Indian language – and guarantees language rendering on any device/operating system.
  • Anant AppWalletTM Solution allows the creation of ‘app folder’ – a lightweight container for your apps – on the user’s phone. Now you can remotely update, add or delete apps directly onto your customer’s phones taking charge to ensure the latest and best app experience.
  • Apps developed on Anant work in ‘typical’ emerging market constraints including 2G networks, poor connectivity and offline scenarios.
  • Anant technology harnesses the power of the cloud to create native apps that are light, yet rich. App Size is no longer a constraint to developing your dream app!
  • You can create ‘device-neutral’ apps that run smoothly on any smartphone, high or Customise your app for a segment as small as one user. With smart geolocation and analytics built-in, Anant facilitates a unique app experience for each individual user high-end or low-end. And you just need to code once, to create an app that runs on any platform.


Great Language Diversity

Indians speak different languages regionally. Since digital world is English driven, >70% Indians are left behind
Apps built on Anant Computing works in all regional languages, along with English. Everyone with a mobile phone can now enjoy your mobile app.

Storage Constraints on Handset

Limited storage phones, cannot store more than 40 mobile apps forcing users to uninstall the heavier apps
Apps Built on Anant Computing are so light in size that each app won’t be consume more than a few hundred Kbs, from the mobile.

Expensive Limited Internet Plans

Compared to the average earning in India, the data packs are expensive here. Forcing users to use net on WiFi Only
Apps built on Anant Computing can be optimized for your user to use the mobile apps seamlessly even when he turns off his mobile data and goes away from his WiFi.

Various Mobile Ecosystems

Diverse operating systems across mobile handsets of people for companies to remake same apps for each.
Apps built on Anant Computing work natively on every mobile device. Doesn’t matter which operating system that mobile device runs, they work even on feature phones.

What Drives Us

The Founder of Anant Computing; Phani Bhushan, believes digital divide in India is more harmful than the economic divide in this country. The common man, even if not economically strong, can grow himself by learning and going digital. However, various factors like language and ecosystems have kept the division open, providing hurdles for him to go online and meet his real potential. With Anant Computing, we strive to bridge the barriers and create a space of equality online.

Our Vision is to bridge the digital divide by dissolving language barriers and enabling digital consumption of mobile applications in any Indian language.

It’s our Mission to offer the people of India and the app makers, an ingenious solution which offers mobile apps in any language, on any device, light in size and also offline.

We wish to abolish every hurdle that comes in the way of app developers, that also act as constraints the digital inclusion of the common man.

Our Mantra has simply been ‘With Anant, build your app once and we will ensure that it is compatible with every handset, operating system and Indian language as well as maintain dynamic contact with your customer base’.

Why Choose Us

      • Forget about huge marketing budgets for app discovery – App Wallet allows you to directly display your latest apps on the consumer’s handset, increasing chances of app trial.
      • Increase App Retention by creating lightweight yet high-performance apps that drastically reduce the chance of consumer uninstalls.
      • Automatic App Updates guaranteed through our App Wallet Technology
      • Reach every customer with a world-class app by overcoming limitations of language, device, and Operating system.