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Digital Inclusion and the Dairy Farmer – mobile technology for social development

I am sure many of you look forward to beginning your day with a piping hot cup of coffee or tea. But did you give some thought to where the milk in your tea or coffee came from? If you buy directly from a local tabela (dairy) the answer is easy. If you buy packet milk, then chances are, your [...]

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Making India a Cashless Economy is now a reality

One of the issues we have all experienced first hand after the demonetization of high-value currency is that certain segments of the population struggle more than others in a cashless scenario. Small traders do not accept plastic – poor people do not have bank accounts or do not use them much – rural India requires credit but lacks credit cards. [...]

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Made In India – in 22 languages

Just last week the Indian government made an announcement mandating support for Indian language on all phones sold in India from July 2017 onwards. Any mobile phone (smartphone or feature phone) sold in India after this date will have to support display of content in all 22 official Indian languages and provide input capability in at least 3 languages – [...]

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Making Mobile Apps For Digital India

A decade back, no one would have ever imagined that KFC, predominantly a fried chicken food chain would ever include a vegetarian item in their menu. And not just include one, but advertise the same as the company’s USP as well. That explains the “100% Veg Paneer Zinger” ads in KFC outlets, quite visible in Indian cities, but what you [...]

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Express Your Business in Own Language, says Anant Computing

Express Your Business in Own Language, says Anant Computing Reduces the time and cost of app development, cuts marketing budgets The world of mobile applications in India caters almost exclusively to an English-centric developer and user base. The reality is that 700 + million Indians, who carry smartphones or feature phones, are unable to get the benefit of such applications [...]

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Published on 16th December 2014 on - Your Story With more than 80% of the China’s 885 million mobile phone subscribers using smartphones, the market is maturing and growth is slowing. Manufacturers and telcos are now focussing their attention on the ‘late adopters’ – from the rural areas and relatively less affluent provinces of the country, which represent a high potential [...]

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