Features of Anant AppWalletTM

  • AppWalletTM is precisely a concept that every app will also function as a folder of other apps.
  • Every function will be an individual app by itself and can still have more apps inside it.
  • This structure will enable the brands to keep making any number of changes to the app’s internal functions without having to modify or reinstall the whole app, because every feature will be a unique app inside the main app.
  • The size of these apps would be more than 90% lower than the same apps that are on a usual Play Store or an App Store.

Apps inside App

An Anant AppWalletTM will look like any other app, but it is slightly different inside.

  • When you open the app, you will see that it is actually a ‘dynamic container’ with multiple apps inside. 
  • You can control exactly what apps are contained in the app wallet, for each user.
  • There can be multiple apps for a particular brand or company, but they will all sit in one AppWalletTM or container and therefore they will be accessible in one spot for the user. And you will always be able to control, exactly which apps are in the AppWalletTM, and customize it for each user.
  • You can also add, update or delete any of the apps in this AppWalletTM at any time.

Auto app discovery and download

  • One of the biggest challenges in mobile space today is app discovery, especially in a country where many first time users are not sure how to find new apps.
  • AppWalletTM comes with auto apps discovery. This means that Apps will get automatically downloaded on the mobiles of your precise target audience.
  • Whenever any new schemes or services are announced, they can be pushed out into the app directly, ensuring that users become aware of them and see them.
  • You can facilitate automatic download of your app on the mobiles of your PRECISE target audience.
  • You can control exactly what apps are contained in the app wallet, for each user. For example, you can give one user only Hindi version of the apps, and another user, only the English version, depending on his preferences.

Vernacular language support in the Apps market

  • There is a huge barrier for digital inclusion in India. More than 70% of Indians use their regional vernacular languages for their day to day communication. However, 95% of the apps and digital space is dominated by English language apps even in a diverse country like India.

Millions of people in India (even after possessing a smartphone), could not use its full potential because of the language constraint. They will not make a transaction on an English based app because they are not confident they would understand completely what has been communicated to them,

  • It is a loss of huge market segment because companies are not reaching out to them through apps other than those that are English based.
  • While many have realised this concern and tried to make apps in regional languages, it has never been successful because these apps would not work on every mobile device due to various rendering issues.

Apps developed on Anant

  • Apps developed on Anant Computing platform simply work with any Indian language, even if the operating system does not support these languages.
  • Now corporates can make their apps for each and every state of our country. They can communicate in the language their audience read in – this will make their audience more confident to trust a brand and connect with them as there is a personal connect.
  • With our robust vernacular keyboards for each and every Indian language, the users can communicate with their brands in the language they are comfortable with.
  • The apps can be built in vernacular languages with the keyboards available for each language on Anant platform irrespective of the OS supporting the language or not.
  • Our keyboards also have this cool feature to position anywhere you want them on your screen; we do not want anything to come between your reading experience.

Supports Every OS

  • More than 70% of the Indian market still consists of feature phones.
  • Our Apps work on feature phones as well as smartphones.
  • With Anant, you can design apps that work on both feature phones and smartphones.
  • The Apps that are available in the market are developed either on Android, iOS and Windows OS or other cross platforms like PhoneGap, Sencha, Appcelerator.  Anant Computing platform works in every operating system. Anant will run seamlessly on all platforms without repeated app development costs.
  • ACP saves your app making costs remarkably – no more expenses again and again on making the same apps, just to make them functional on different operating systems.
  • Our platform is automated. In fact, you have just to code a mobile application once. Anant Cloud platform will take care of the rest, and convert the application so that it runs on any mobile/ mobile operating system.

Super Light in size Apps: 

  • Apps created on Anant Cloud Platform blend the characteristics of web apps and native apps.
  • Web apps are light and small but they are only accessible through a data connection. Native apps tend to be heavier but they can be downloaded onto the user’s phone. As native apps are created for specific mobile operating systems, they give a better user experience.
  • Apps using Anant platform will have the best of both worlds – they are light and can be easily downloaded on a phone for a great user experience.
  • Now your apps size can reduce by as much as 80% when you develop them at Anant. This means lower MBs consumed while downloading, and more storage for tons of other apps.
  • At the same time, there is no compromise on the quality of the user experience. No matter what device the end-user has, he will have a world class experience using the app.

Works even without the Internet

  • Data packs in India are expensive and most people switch off their mobile data and stay offline when they aren’t at home, or WiFi isn’t available to them.
  • Your apps can still work seamlessly even while your users are offline. The apps will sync all important and relevant content when users are online so as to provide a flawless experience to them when they go offline.
  • With a unique feature your users can be facilitated with doing some transactions offline too. Surprised? Bet you are! Contact us for a free demo today and we will show you how!

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