“All feature phones sold in India must be compatible with at least one local language”, suggested the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITY) in a draft amendment sent to the Bureau of India Standards (BIS) this week. Since nearly 70% out of the existing 900 Mn phones in India are non-smart (feature phones), this can be regarded as a well thought move for the success of Digital India and Make In India.

However, the millions of feature phones that are already in the hands of public will have to go through additional OS upgrades for in-built language support to render. Also, users will have to update the firmware, which requires technical know-how, and they would also be forced to buy overlay physical keyboards separately for each language.

Apps developed using Anant Computing (a Startup India firm) could resolve this whole hassle instantly and more elegantly, since they work and render with every Indian language, even on feature phones that are already being used by public.

Anant Computing helps companies to create native apps in every Indian language, which also run on any feature phone or smartphone.  Team Anant firmly believes that true Digital India will happen when every Indian with a mobile phone can both create and access high quality apps, sans language barriers.
Please mail us for more information at info@anantcomputing.in.